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11 Ways to Beat Facebook Ads Fatigue (Fast) – The Ultimate Guide

Ever wonder why your Facebook Ads campaigns stop performing after a certain period?

The ad sets perform well at the start – but after some time, the key metrics start to fall while the frequency metric increases.

It happens because of a phenomenon called Ad Fatigue. It is when audiences see your ads too many times and they are tired of it.  

Facebook Ads fatigue is easy to spot: one or more key metrics fall and the frequency starts to increase. It not only impacts the performance of a specific ad set but also decreases your overall campaign delivery.

In this guide, we will share eleven ways you can beat Facebook Ads Fatigue, fast.

1. Pause Ads with High Frequency

High-frequency ads are dangerous for your campaign. It can lead you to lose the delivery of your ads.

When you identify ads with high frequency, you should pause them immediately. In simple terms, it is the first aid that you apply – it stops the bleeding.

2. Create New Audiences and Ads

Pausing ads with high frequency is good because it helps us get rid of ad fatigue. But these ads don’t bring any revenue anymore. 

To get things going, you need to create new audiences and ads. When creating new audiences and ads, keep in mind that creatives play a crucial role in determining the performance of ads.

3. Decrease Budgets for High-Frequency Ad Sets

Pausing high-frequency ads is a great way to get rid of Facebook Ads fatigue. But what if the high-frequency ads were bringing in leads as well? Stopping them will result in decreased results.  

Instead of pausing them and putting a full stop to the results coming from them – decrease their budget to decrease frequency. That way, you can at least still generate some revenue from them while you get new creative & audiences ready.

So, what is an ideal frequency? Well, it depends on multiple factors, but for most ads, a healthy frequency is between 1.00 to 3.00.

4. Exclude custom audiences that already engaged with your ad or brand

Excluding customers who have already interacted with your brand or website can also be a great way to get rid of Facebook ad fatigue.  

Instead of showing your ads to previous audiences, it helps you showcase your brand/product to new ones. There are multiple ways to exclude audiences in Facebook Ads. You can find out more about audience exclusions in Facebook Ads here.

5. Dayparting

Facebook Ads has a built-in feature to schedule your ad sets. You can use it to run your ads on the best time of the best days of the week – instead of running them all the time.  

It is called the Dayparting strategy. It not only decreases costs but also cuts down less powerful impressions and decreases ad fatigue.  

6. Change the Campaign Objective

Ad fatigue happens when your ad is shown to the same audience repeatedly. It occurs when the frequency of your ad set increases.

The Reach and Frequency are indirectly proportional – the higher the Reach, the lower the Frequency.

If you change the campaign objective in Facebook Ads to Reach – your ad will be shown to more people in your audiences, eliminating the ad fatigue.

7. Duplicate Your Ad Set

Frankly, no one knows how the Facebook Ads algorithm works. Sometimes, when the ad doesn’t perform well, duplicating it solves the problem instantly.

Although this is not for getting rid of ad fatigue, it can surely increase your ad performance.

8. Use Several Different Placements

When you opt for “Automatic Placements”, you risk the performance of your ad – especially, if you are targetting larger audiences.

You want to reach people using multiple devices and platforms (Facebook and Instagram). Using one type of placement will limit your Reach and hurt the performance of the creative.

Using different platforms is great for optimizing your ad for performance. When you use several different placements, Meta (formerly Facebook) will automatically select the best-performing one and allocate most of your budget to that ad.

9. Complete Revamp of The Campaign

Sometimes users are not tired of the ad creative but the complete offer/deal you offer through that ad.

If the ad creative has been there for a long time – chances are that tweaks will not work. You will have to rethink and create a new ad campaign from scratch.

10. Utilize the Post ID Feature

Another way of avoiding ad fatigue in Facebook Ads is through the Post ID feature. With this feature, you can make the most out of your existing creatives and ads with High Frequency.

When creating a new campaign, use the Post ID of an existing ad. According to Meta, this is now a new ad; you’ve also successfully kept all the engagement gained.

11. Boost Your Best Organic Posts, Automatically.

Last but not least. To get rid of ad fatigue, you can tweak your existing ads or create new ones.

An easy way to create new ads is to use the best-performing organic posts and boost them. But what if you have a tool that does it for you?

The answer is, Revealbot. Revealbot’s ad automation engine helps you optimize your ads. Along with all of its cool features, it can automatically identify the best-performing organic posts and boost them to get rid of ad fatigue.

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