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The 16 Most Inspiring Facebook Ads Examples of 2022

In the world of digital marketing, social media platforms like Facebook have become key players in helping businesses reach their target audiences and drive sales. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, 

Facebook Ads provide a massive audience for advertisers to explore. The challenge for businesses is to create ads that not only capture attention but also inspire and convert. 

The year 2022 saw a variety of creative and impactful Facebook ads campaigns, and in this post, we’ll showcase the 16 most inspiring examples of the year. 

From an innovative use of ad types to captivating storytelling, these ads represent the best of what Facebook ads has to offer. 

Whether you’re a marketer looking for inspiration or just curious about the latest trends, this post is a must-read.

Ruggable: Stylish Home Rugs 🏠

Facebook ads

Ads often highlight the product specifications and features, but neglect to mention the most important aspect: the solution it provides for a pain point or problem. Ruggable stands out by effectively addressing this in its ad.

What makes this ad particularly impactful are the following elements:

  • By zeroing in on a common pain point for rug owners – the struggle of washing rugs at home without incurring substantial professional cleaning costs, Ruggable hits the nail on the head.
  • They cleverly use seasonal cues, highlighting their Halloween rug collection, to further engage the audience.
  • Additionally, they appeal to pet owners, who are likely to have experienced rug damage from muddy paws, by including an image of a dog.
  • While the ad is already strong, including a promotional offer, such as a discount or a free item, could make it even more compelling.

Spark Paws: Pet Apparel Brand 🐶

Facebook ads

Spark Paws, a pet clothing brand, has successfully marketed its hoodies for dogs through its Facebook ads. The ad highlights the key selling points of the product with concise copy and showcases the product in use on a real pet to make it both adorable and relatable. 

The company’s generous free exchange policy is advertised through supplemental text, and the ad’s high engagement, including a large number of shares and comments filled with pictures of pets in hoodies, suggests that it has resonated with dog owners globally.

Dunkin’: The Coffee and Doughnut Company🍩

facebook ads

Drinking your favorite coffee and getting paid for it is a winning combination, and Dunkin’ has made it happen. Unlike many companies that concentrate on attracting new customers, Dunkin’ focuses on retaining existing customers, making this ad stand out. 

By offering an extra reward for in-store purchases, providing an easier way to buy their products, and capturing this stage of the Facebook ads funnel, Dunkin’ ensures customer loyalty and advocacy.

Dr. Martens: Leather Boots, Shoes, and Sandals👞

facebook ads

Doc Martens holds a special place in the hearts of alternative dressers, as I can attest from personal experience. Despite its credibility and popularity, the brand still takes an effort to create ads that are not just informative but also enjoyable.

What sets this particular ad apart from the others on our list is its focus on conveying the company’s values and culture, instead of just selling a product. Here are some features that caught our attention:

  • The vivid colors draw the eye and make users pause while scrolling.
  • The ad showcases a story of someone using the product and their overall experience with the brand.
  • The ad copy reveals that it was created by an LGBTQ creator for the collection supporting the Trevor Project, a non-profit dedicated to providing mental health and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ teens.
  • As consumers become increasingly concerned with a brand’s values and morals, highlighting the brand’s support for social causes is a way of promoting it without being overly pushy.

Netflix: The Streaming Giant📺

facebook ads

Netflix, although primarily a media company, has ventured into eCommerce with the launch of the Netflix Shop. The shop offers a range of merchandise such as clothing and collectibles inspired by popular shows and movies.

This advertisement stands out for several reasons:

  • By collaborating with another creator and using sponsored content, the ad has the potential to reach a wider audience that includes fans of the other artist.
  • The ad copy emphasizes the exclusiveness of the merchandise, making it more appealing.
  • The advertisement leverages the immense popularity of the series “Stranger Things” to immediately grab the viewer’s attention.
  • The designs are distinctive and visually appealing.
  • While Netflix remains primarily a media company, the Netflix Shop gives them a foothold in the eCommerce market and makes them a player in the industry.

BarkBox: The Monthly Dog Toy and Treat Box🐕‍🦺

facebook ads

BarkBox’s ad game is considered to be one of the strongest in the eCommerce industry. BarkBox is a subscription box service for dogs, offering a variety of products for their furry customers.

The ad for Bark Bright (the company’s line of dental products) showcases effective eCommerce advertising techniques:

The ad format is utilized effectively with a carousel format, allowing for two images to be displayed and enticing users to swipe to see the full picture, resulting in increased engagement.

A free item is included in addition to free shipping, making the offer more appealing to consumers. The inclusion of this detail in the ad copy and image only adds to its allure.

The collaboration with another well-known brand, Yeti, adds to the appeal of the offer and increases the chances of making a sale.

With such attractive offers, the brand will likely continue to receive repeat purchases for a prolonged period.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits: The Wine Retailer🍷

facebook ads

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits bucks the trend of typical, bland product shots in their advertising, opting for a more creative approach. 

By featuring themed cocktails made with their product and tying it to a beloved movie (Hocus Pocus) for a seasonal twist, they not only pique the interest of those already searching for alcohol, but also draw in those who may not have considered their product before. 

Despite the limitations of advertising alcohol on Facebook, ABC has still managed to craft a highly engaging ad that keeps its brand at the forefront.

Clinique: Skincare, Makeup, Fragrances 💄

facebook ads

Clinique created this piece of ad creative that looks simple at first sight but sometimes that’s all it’s needed to have a performing and catchy ad. Let’s talk about the red text that is very contrasting with the colors in the background as well as the white card with the offer.

The ad seems to have a lot of text but as you can see they have the most appealing offer in the first place and it’s bold, this surely will get clicks even if the consumer doesn’t read the entire ad, having the offers organized, in different sizes make it seem not too busy and drives attention to the most powerful item in the ad.

The ad copy and headline are great, they’re similar and the purpose seems to give the target audience a feeling of urgency which can lead to more visitors & conversions – the *“while supplies last”* adds another layer of urgency without having to mention a timeline.

Format: Website Builder For Creators🌍

facebook ads

Is your brand ranked or is it the best at something specific? Do what Format did here, they take pride in being the #1 ranked website builder and what’s most important is that they promise their audience they can create their portfolio with minimal effort.

Let’s talk about the design, it looks immaculate and gives an insight into how the portfolio can be built. They make sure to create curiosity since the ad only shows a bit of how their platform looks which also makes it appear simple to use.

The ad copy is great, they highlight a feature that makes their product more appealing which is that a portfolio can be built with minimal effort. Additionally, they have a 14-day trial and no credit card is required (huge risk reversal). This is great since it means more people are going to test Format and that can lead to paid customers.

Big Blanket Co: The Only Blanket You’ll Need🛏️

facebook ads

Humor is always a great approach to getting your audience engaged and interested in your product. Here Big Blanket Co did a great job with the text in the image, this is a funny statement that can make their audience laugh and check out the brand.

Simple bullet point ad copy which highlights the features and benefits their product has.

The headline is great, the use of emojis is cool and they catch the reader right away.

Moon Juice: Adaptogenic Beauty & Wellbeing❤️‍🩹

facebook ads

It is a nice video that starts with a great emphasis on brain fog, although this doesn’t stand out a lot, the image of the glass with the product in it does a great job because it looks appealing.

The ad copy is good, it showcases the benefits of the product and it’s very straightforward which is good because it’s easy to understand and follow.

What’s also great about the video is that it shows exactly how the product looks, how it’s packaged, and how to use it. We also like the product packaging has Moon Juice’s logo, this creates brand awareness and it’s more likely that their audience will remember their name.

McDonald’s: Burgers, Fries & More. Quality Ingredients.🍔

facebook ads

This ad creative is fantastic; the design is very clean and seasonal; this is an ad that you see and immediately stop scrolling. How can you get *this* creative?

Notice the detail in the french fry, it looks like a vampire fang with blood on it, congrats to Mcdonalds’ graphic design team because this ad creative stands out a lot from everything else we’ve seen when scrolling on social media.

The ad creative is very simple to understand, and it is also clear what brand is behind this piece of ad creative, as McDonald’s is a very well-known brand, and its logo will not go unnoticed. The main text *”Happy Halloween”* is small, but the creative design makes it all; there’s no need to add anything else because the message is obvious.

Chubbies: Proper Length Men’s Shorts & So Much More👖

facebook ads

Leveraging seasonality can help campaigns perform better, but brands must stand out more because everyone wants to create a seasonal ad. Here, Chubbies created a nice ad creative with a seasonal product, the Santa robe. The design appears simple, but they want to focus on the product, which is the robes; we see the robe in all of the cards on the carousel, which is good because the goal is for people to notice the product right away & picture themselves wearing it which is possible by placing the product in different settings like they did here.

The ad copy is straightforward, and the approach is amusing – humor will always go a long way in advertising but make sure it’s on brand.

They make it a point to emphasize that they offer free shipping, not just in this offer, but all of the time. This piques people’s interest, and they will most likely check out the website, which can lead to increased sales.

Act+Acre: Cold Processed & Modern Hair Care 💇

facebook ads

Educational ads are always a nice approach to get your audience interested in what you offer, here ActandAcre created a very educational TOFU video ad, it’s great they’re showcasing their product by adding statistics, and what it treats. Additionally, the footage is great and concise about the product.

The ad copy is a bit long but we like it starts with a question, this is also an excellent approach to get their audience thinking about the response to that question.

The headline is good and reaffirms that this is their best-selling product which can lead to the curiosity of why everyone is buying it.

Shady Rays: Polarized Sunglasses 😎

facebook ads

The video includes perfect moving elements that get the focus on the glasses which is important because this is one of the most important things to show in the video.

We like that the copy starts with a question and the fact that they state they’ll send new glasses if you lose them is a great way to showcase customer service. Offering a discount is always a good idea, especially if the audience is TOFU, this way the brand gives the audience an excellent opportunity to test its product.

A nice headline that also mentions the discount, this way it won’t go unnoticed.

Auth0: Authorization Platform 🛡️

facebook ads

The design and colors implemented in this ad are really good, the use of sparkling and bright colors caught our attention.

The illustration makes it very clear what’s happening, because of the phone screen and password so this can tell their audience what the product is about right away.

The headline is really good, it makes their audience feel like this is a *NEED* and auth0 has them covered

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